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CSR Winter League Season Finishes

The Roberts and Roupell matches on the CSR winter league finish off a 15 match season, these two matches are fired on an electronic SARTS range (targets fall when hit) at Ash Ranges near Farnborough. This is a fairly quick and dynamic pair of matches which means the shooter stays on the point for the whole match. Targets appear randomly from 100m to 300 using Figure 14 and Figure 12 targets testing multiple positions including Standing, Kneeling, Kneeling Supported, Fire Trench, Sitting and Prone. targets are up from between 2 and 4 seconds. get it right and you score well Trevor finishing the Roupell match in joint second, and the Roberts match in joint 1st, Simon finishing the Roberts match in a notable 4th.

Trevor and Simon shot the full season scoring well through out, Trevor competing in the top X league while Simon competing in the A league. Trevor finished the season in 6th overall, while Simon picked up a Silver NRA medal for finishing second in the A League and 9th overall. Simon will move up to the X league next season as he meets the classification criteria on score. Points are collected for all 15 matches in the season, but only the best 10 match scores count for league position. It was tight in the X league with just 1.5 points splitting 4th - 6th places.

Trevors thoughts on the season: "Still lots to do, the season is long and hard, all but one day had rain and wind, wet muddy firing points and a soggy Bisley Century range to run through. Both Simon and I made some silly mistakes which cost points, and in perspective, 2 more points would have me finishing 4th overall! But we are still learning, our shooting this season has however improved hugely, I finished 15 points better (in my ten best matches) than last year with Simon finishing a massive 64 points better. What are we up against, well, the best shooter in the Service Optic League is 30 points better than me! That is down to consistency, something else we are working on. Time now to consolidate, apply what we have learned and have a better year next year." Want a challenge? and have a service calibre rifle (.223/5.56 or .308/7.62) then give it a go, we need a couple more club members to have a team :) Find out more at

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