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CSR October Matches

Location: Bisley Century and Short Siberia Ranges Weather: Cloud AM, Sunshine PM

Temp 18 Degrees Wind 0mph - 5mph left to right. Distances: 300, 200, 100yds (Short Range Match & Whitehead Match) 100, 75, 50, 25yds (Urban Contact Match) Trevor and Simon both shot well this first set of matches with decent scores, but left very tired, a long day in very warm weather! After the mandatory Range Briefing courtesy of the match director, and with the welcoming of quite a few new to CSR shooters, the matches began. A pleasant days shooting overall due to some unexpected mild conditions, at times there was little wind allowing some excellent scores at 300 on the prone practices.

This opening Winter League set of matches are often the biggest challenge for all. The inclusion of the UCM and Whitehead matches on the same day makes for a real challenge. The UCM match is truly dynamic, shot practice to practice back to back, and really quick and enjoyable. The Whitehead match again is dynamic and is a mix of run down and multi positional techniques and across various target types. Scoring is done at the end of the match and shooters do not get sight of target markers, as the Match Director would say: Shoot it and suck it up. No challenges are given. Simon shooting the One of the short range match practices (and Trev wheezing with the camera) :-


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