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CSR November 23 Matches

The second round of matches took place on Century Range on 4th November 23. Three club members shot the Long and Short range practices Matches. Long range practices shot from 500/400/300yds Short range practices shot from 300/200/100yds Fair to say the shooters on Details A&B suffered with some terrible weather, persistent rain throughout their Long Range practices match stopping just as they finished their last practice. That being said, great scoring coming through. The wind was tricky to navigate through out the day. The ground between firing points was of course wet and soggy but nothing a good pair of waterproof boots cannot handle! In the butts, the usual difficulties applied, non sticky patches on wet targets, newly cleaned target frames had issues and weren't moving particularly well and there was a lack of small spotting discs! The sun did make an appearance just after 10, who said the Met office dont get it right! The afternoon practices kicked off on time and again, lots of great scoring from both A-B & C-D details. Most people enjoy the Bisley Bullet practice at 200yds, nice small figure 14 window with its 4 inch scoring zone, get this right and points follow! The day completing just after 4:15! Bit of time for a few pics on my phone, plus one or two courtesy (and with permission) from the NRA of UK.


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