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CSR Match March 2023

Another excellent days competition, with Trevor and Simon testing their skills! The match director making the day a real challenge with sighters at 300 then no more, so moving back to 400 - 500yds and navigating the wind was tough, thats the challenge, especially when Saturday was a light wind around 5 - 7 mph right to left. Get it right, and your doing well! Again, the morning practices included the run down which is the test of stamina, breathing and positional techniques under time pressures.

PM: Yes, another great challenging shoot finishing with a difficult 10rnds in 3 x 7 second exposures. Do you go kneeling from standing, or just gun it in the standing position? Those little Figure 12c targets seem big at 100yds, until you start shooting this practice! Three of the afternoon practices included mandatory mag changes with positional changes, another great competition, these practices included a 25yd run to the point taking roughly 8 - 10 seconds out of the 60 given to run, get into position, charge the rifle and begin shooting! Video snapshot: Practice 1 300yds, 10 rounds in 60 seconds, following the 2 sighters! Both Trev and Simon achieving Max scores!


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