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CSR Match Dec

Where to start?

Well firstly, it was a cold but dry overcast day.

Shooting started in poor light, both Trevor and Simon on the first Short Range (300yds -100yds) practice sessions which tested prone sitting, kneeling and standing positional skills.

Trevor having a nightmare 200yd stage due to a stoppage which meant a loss of 5 rounds, but Simon shooting and finishing well.

The afternoon session was a long range set of practices including g a 500yd shoot, a 500-300yd run down and a 300yd deliberate shoot. Both Trev and Simon shooting well on this session!

Overall a good day as there was no rain, the wind a bit challenging at times up to 9mph right to left across Century Range.

Simons excellent scoring sees him now top of league A, with Trevor still holding onto 4th in league X

Few pics of the day!


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