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Bisley : 2022 CSR Imperial

The annual Civilian Service Rifle Imperial meeting took place on Century/Pirbright ranges between 29th June and Sunday 3rd July. Two shooters from Reepham took part, Trevor Eeles and Ady Newberry This championship sees competition comprising of 8 matches made up of a total of 32 individual stages. The CSR format is designed to test the shooters skills across a range of positional techniques such as standing unsupported, standing supported, kneeling both supported and unsupported, prone unsupported, sitting and squatting and encompasses a number of run down shoots from various ranges (500 - 100yds). Shooters are tested at all distances and a number of times from 500yds down to 25yds If you are interested in this format, then check out for more information on what to expect. The club would love to see more interested shooters to take part in this years winter league which starts in October.

All photos and video taken by NRA Photographer


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