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More CSR Goodness for Club Members

A couple of the club members shot the Diggle Open CSR championships this year 16-18th September. Held up on the Diggle range complex near Oldham, this competition sees shooters tested at ranges from 25yds out to 600yds over a range of demanding shooting positions in the Civilian Service Rifle discipline. Weather over the 3 days was good with sun and some challenging wind, but no rain at all, which is always good. Trevor picked up a Silver medal in the 100yds match which is shot in the standing unsupported and kneeling unsupported positions, with 10 exposures of 3 seconds on a Figure 14 target.

Of course as a competitor you don't just shoot, there are butt duties and scoring too, this competition using all target disciplines from Figure 14 Sniper targets to triple Figure 11 targets.


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