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CSR Shoot Diggle April 24

Matches: AM UCM Match PM Long Range Match Location: Diggle C & D Ranges Weather: Overcast with Rain

Temp: 14 Deg Wind: up to 12 mph NNE (coming from behind the firing point down range, right to left) Distances: UCM 100-25yds Long Range 400, 500, 600yds Intro

Two club members shot the April Matches at Diggle on Saturday 13th April. Trev and Simon are regular shooters at Diggle for all things CSR.

Diggle For those who are not familiar with Diggle Ranges, the range complex is situated in a set of valleys near Uppermill/Oldham, with a series of distances out to 1000yds. The ranges are owned by the Pennine Shooting Sports Association (PSSA) and they run CSR matches monthly as well as hosting the Diggle CSR championships in September. April Matches The PSSA Team try to always include a UCM match every month, this month was no different, well organised and on an excellent 4 lane 100yd range, purpose built barricades and posts. Always fierce competition on this match given the PPSA guys are well practiced and always shoot well. Shooting started at 8:30 and finished by 09:30 ready to move to C range. The Long Range Match As with every shoot at Diggle, wind is a factor and this shoot had wind coming from left to right across and down the range from behind the firer, it was gusting from 10 - 15 mph all day so challenging for all, along with some awful rain showers, no one escaped getting soaked! The match director Tim Kennerly had set a decent course of fire with 2 practices at 400, 2 practices at 500 and finishing with a 600 practice. Sighters at 400 and 600 helped navigate the wind a little but practices included some mag changes in prone, and also positional changes from sitting to prone mid practice following a mag change, mixing it up like this makes for an interesting shoot. We forget how far 600yds is when you don't regularly shoot at that distance, for the PSSA guys, the long range matches generally always have a 600yd practice, nice to see! They say if you can shoot well at Diggle, you can shoot well anywhere!


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