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CSR Matches October

The seasons winter league kicks off with 3 matches, the Short Range (SR) Match, The Whitehead Match and the Urban Contact Match (UCM), two club members taking part.

Location: Bisley Century Range & Bisley Short Siberia Range Weather: Rain 08:30 - 11.00, overcast and sunshine 11.00 - 17:30

Temp 11 Degrees - 15 Degrees Wind 0mph - 2mph left to right. Distances: 300, 200, 100yds (Short Range Match & Whitehead Match) 100, 75, 50, 25yds (Urban Contact Match) Details A & B, E& F got the pleasure of shooting their respective matches (SR & UCM) in the rain, the rain itself was fairly constant and is typical of Bisley, stopped pouring down just as the matches finished, the sun then began to shine through. With some fortune, the wind stayed away, on occasion it did blow a little but nothing to write home about, almost negligible, so shooting was pure elevation adjustments and skill! This first event is a challenging one as two of the 3 shoots are dynamic, meaning the shooter fires all 4 or more stages in one go without a swap for the second firer. Skills are tested as these shoots probe positional techniques under stressful timed stages, typically with some run downs between distances to get the heart pumping. Always a favourite with the shooters! Scores were good with Trevor taking a 3rd place in the Short Range match and a 4th in the Whitehead Match.


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