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Club Shooting at Bisley May 2022

Range Report Weather: Sunshine Temp: 18 Deg C Wind: 4 - 9 mph Gusting Direction: NE - NNE

Firing point: 600yds 8 members of the club took the opportunity to enjoy some long range shooting and sunshine on the famous Century Range at Bisley. The 600yd firing point, with two lanes were booked to utilise the electronic target systems which allowed the shooters to get right to it at and start shooting. The wind was fresh and challenging at 600yds, it always is at bisley, this shoot being no exception, changing wind direction, sudden drops in the wind and of course gusting between 4 and 9 mph presents its own anomalies, so getting a grouping was hard. The majority of the shooters on the day had their first experience at long range, but everyone really enjoyed the day and quickly got the hang of the wind and were putting in plenty of V Bulls and some nice tight groups. Shot of the day goes to Alan Craggs who managed a very nice sub MOA group with his 6.5 Creedmoor, good shooting Alan! Go to the bottom for a gallery :)


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