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Club Chronograph Available


The club has a Magneto Speed chronograph available to club members. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that once fitted to your rifle will tell you the speed of the rounds you are firing, this is going to be of use to everyone who reloads, but also those who may use their rifle for hunting. Once you know the speed of the rounds you are shooting, you can the use the information to set up your scope in terms of drop compensation.

The Magneto Speed chronograph fits onto the barrel of the rifle, and will fit barrels with  compensators, muzzle brakes and moderators, and tapered style barrels. It can also be used on air rifles!

The chrono outputs the speed to an external screen giving speed per shot, average over all shots as well as distance between fastest and slowest shot of a group. The club has also purchased the adapter to link the chrono to your android phone (you will need to download the Magneto Speed XFR app from the app store).

If you need to use the Chrono, simply ask Andy or Jacqui Armitage, instructions can be given to set up if you need it.


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