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CSR Imperial Championships 2023

The 2023 Civilian Service Rifle National Championships took place at Bisley and Pirbright ranges between the 28th June and the 1st July. The competition is the hotly contested shoot of the year and follows the close of the winter leagues, it is designed to test stamina, positional shooting techniques and accuracy using military adapted service rifles in Nato issued calibres (.223/5.56 .308/7.62 & .303). The competition has 8 matches spread across 4 days and the scores are then aggregated in classes to award a championship medal winner. Each match has three classifications designed to award based on skill and each match attracts a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Other prizes such as shooting mats, drag bags and scopes are awarded for sponsored matches. 3 Club members competed this year from the club: Ady Newberry in the Practical Optic class (No restriction on scope power or bipod) Simon Devlin in the Service Optic Class (4.5x scopes, no bipod) Trevor Eeles in the Service Optic Class (4.5x scopes, no bipod)

Ady has the longest barrel in the competition!

Classed Finishing Positions Practical Optic Class Ady Newberry: Championship 3rd Place 1st Long Range Match 1st Urban Contact Match plus Aim Shooting Mat 3rd Long Range Aggregate Match Gold medal Highest Possible Score(6- 8 maximum scores) Service Optic Class Trevor Eeles: Championship 1st Place Gold 1st Urban Contact Match plus Aim Drag bag 1st Rural Match 1st Short Range Aggregate Match 2nd 300yd Match 2nd Short Range Match 3rd Imperial Practical Rifle Match Bronze medal Highest Possible Score (1-2 Maximum scores)

Simon Devlin: Championship 10th Place 2nd Winter league 2nd 200yd Match 2nd Imperial Practical Rifle Match 3rd Rural match All in all a good weeks work for the Reepham team.


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