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NRA Reloading Requirements








As of 01/07/2023 the Club must ensure that its members who reload ammunition are safe and competent to do so.
As the club is both affiliated and insured by the NRA certain requirements must be met, these being the mandated completion of a reloading test which will be kept against the individuals name to prove such competence.
We are obliged as a club to run courses in reloading general practice and safety but we appreciate many of our club members have been reloading for many years, if this is the case and you feel you can complete a test paper for certification
without taking any instruction or guidance then

The documents below outline the course content, please download and read the content, familiarise yourself with all aspects of the reloading sessions and subsequent information in the folder as some of this may come up on a test paper.



Once completed and marked, the Club Chairman or his nominee will sign to confirm competence. If you have also completed a Safe Shooter course, you will then have "Homeloads" added to your Card upon renewal.

Please use the enquiry form button at the bottom of this page to submit your test paper answers and arrange a firing point test, these tests must be completed at the club on any arranged Saturday.
The test will consist of some questions regarding your homeloads, a check of ballistics using a chronograph, a measuring of your homeloads for COAL consistency, and a measurement of a 5x round group shot using your homeloads.

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