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Long Range Shooting Day 9th August

Strensall Range B (300m)

Strensall Range B (300m)

Shooting at Strensall (nr York) on the 9th August

The club has the opportunity now to shoot regularly at Strensal Military Ranges near York, the ranges vary in distance from 100 – 600 metres.

The first shoot will be Sunday 9th August, details below:-


  1. Cost £10 per head [hopefully no more than that] providing we get sufficient numbers; deposits required on either the 1st August, or 8th if they aren’t attending the range on the 1st.

  2. Remember to bring safe shooter cards (No safe shooter card, no shooting!

  3.  To be at Strensall for 08:30 on the 9th, shooting to commence at 9:00; bring a packed lunch.

  4. Remember wet weather gear, just in case, there isn’t a lot of cover.

Lets make good use of this opportunity so it can be a regular arrangement.



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