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FOR SALE Tikka T3 Varmint .223

A Club member is selling all his shooting gear and giving up shooting, the following rifle package is for sale: Tikka T3 Varmint. .223 Calibre Cerrakoted Barrel in black Muzzle brake KRG X-Ray precision chassis stock system AICS 10 rnd magazine Weaver 5-25x56 scope and rings Tactical bolt handle Drag bag (gun bag) 100 rnds ammo Bipod This is a lightly used rifle, superbly accurate. Looking for £1400 for the package above. There is also a full reloading set up including an electronic powder measure available. Call or email to discuss this or the rifle. Ideal package for a new shooter, the .223 calibre has muscle and accuracy out to 600yds, and this package gets you all you need in one go! Contact Trev Lee on 01522 730998 or email


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