MOD Range Dates

Proposed Range Dates for Strensall / Beckingham MOD Ranges will be published here with any pertinent information.

Anyone interested in shooting must have a safe shooter certification.
Contact Club Secretary if you wish to shoot any of these dates.

2020 Proposed Dates to follow

General Information about Strensall / Beckingham
The ranges are Military and have firing points on most ranges from 100m – 600m.

Normally, we shoot details at 300m, 500m & 600m.
Range lanes may be shared (up to 3 firers per lane) depending on numbers shooting. Details have either a morning or afternoon shooting, with the opposite being Butt party.

It is advised to bring wet weather gear, some lunch and a flask!

If you haven’t already done so, use a range ballistics calculator, you will need one to create a dope chart.
See the one on our site

Strensall Range B (300m)
Strensall Range B (from the 300m point)