Range Report Beckingham July 19

The club were invited to shoot at Beckingham on 13 July by the Historical Shooters Society Club, thanks to them for the invite and making us feel welcome!

This shoot was to fire at both 500m and 600m respectively.

Great attendance from the Historicals club who had 15 shooters, but only 4 shooters from Reepham turned up….no worries though, it was sufficient to man a lane and butts and also keep costs down!

Weather on the day was overcast but warm with a very light wind of around 5-6 mph (Left to right across the range).

We split into two details and shooting began at 500m.
First up, Nic and Trev. No probs here, Nic straight into, and remained in the bull! Trev struggled for the first couple of shots but soon got into the bull all the way.

Back up to 600m, again, both straight into the bull with the majority in the V Bull! Smiles all round.

Changeover was around an hour and a half later, quick swap to butts and time for Jason and James to get some shooting in.
Again, weather hadn’t changed, though it was said that the wind was stronger (I’m not sure it was, but maybe :))

It took a few rounds for Jason and James to get it together, but some good shooting from both at 500 and 600M.

Overall best Reepham shot should go to Nic as he rinsed it at 500 and was consistent at 600! Well done Nic, good shooting!

Such an enjoyable mornings shooting!
If any club members reading this would like to take part, let Nic or Ross on the committee know, we would love to see more club members testing their metal at distance! If you need a safe shooter course, again, let the committee know!


RSC Club Web Admin