Range Lanes

COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to continued restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the club has instigated a lane booking system.
The committee have a duty of care to the club members and as such need to ensure that wherever possible, the club reduces the risk to shooters from catching the Corona Virus

In that vain, a lane booking system is now in place to help with social distancing.

75 Metre Range
Three lanes are available

25 Metre Range
Three lanes are available

Practical Range
Max of two persons per detail

Shotgun Bays
Max of two per bay.

Using the booking System
The system is simple to use, you will first be offered to pick a Saturday Range date and a time.

Note: Each range session lasts for 90 minutes (1.5hr)
Note: Each Practical or Shotgun bay session lasts for 120 minutes (2 hrs)

Once you have chosen a time and a date you can then choose a lane on either the 75M or 25m ranges but not both!

You will be required to give your Firstname, Lastname and email address. Please also add your club membership number in the notes box before submitting the form.

NOTE: You may only book one session in any day, not a back to back booking, or a booking on the 75m in the morning, and a 25m booking later in the day.

Please consider that the Range is at limited capacity so we would prefer you to book just one range lane in any single Saturday to give others the opportunity to shoot.

Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Please print and bring with you on Range day, or bring a mobile phone that you can access the booking confirmation on. The Range Officer will need to see either of these before allowing you to shoot.

Please when you press the completion part of the booking (section 3), the system will confirm, almost immediately with an email. DO NOT go back in and book again on the same lane/shotgun bay if you think its not working! Check your emails if you are not sure!
Admin will delete your additional bookings, or all of them if you have more than one for the same lane/bay. Please try to be accurate with this as it will only mean others cannot book lanes/bays that should really be free.

We will be adding an email address shortly if you feel that this booking system is too complicated for you, someone else will book for you.

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