Club Merchandise & Safety Items
The club has a number of items vailable to buy, including range safety flags, badges and clothing with stitched club logos.

Badges & MugsRange SafetyClothing

The club has enamel coloured pin badges and sew on patches for sale at a reasonable price.
Why not support the club and get yourself one and wear with pride.
Both are available at the club from the treasurer for the princely sum of:

RSC Lapel Pin Badge: £1.00
RSC Stitched Sew on Patch: £5.00
Reepham Moor Range Stitched Sew on Patch £5.00
Reepham Moor Range Mug £5.00

RSC Lapel Pin badge 22mm x 22mm
RSC Stitched Sew on Patch 50mm x 50mm
Reepham Moor Range Stitched Sew on Patch 75mm x 75mm

Lapel Pin Badge £1.00
Lapel Pin badge £1.00 (click to enlarge)
Stitched Sew on Patch £5.00
Stitched Sew on Patch £5.00
Reepham Moor Range Stitched Patch £5.00
Reepha Moor Range Mug £5.00
Reepham Moor Range Mug £5.00





Range Safety & Ear Protection

There is nothing more important than Range Safety, every weapon should be considered loaded unless proved otherwise!
We stock a limited supply of Breech Flags, these invaluable items are designed to fit into the breech of your rifle to prove that no round is chambered, each have a clear and visible flag which protrudes to the ejection port making it clear to other range users and Range Supervising Officers that the weapon is safe.

Yellow Flag (Full bore) £2.00
Red Flag (Small bore) £1.00

Yellow Full Bore Breech Flag £2.00

Red Smallbore Breech Flag



Ear Protection

Health and Personal Safety is paramount on a rifle range and Ear Protection must be worn at all times, whilst the club have a small supply of ear defenders for those who visit the range, we encourage regular users to purchase their own protection.
We do however offer a temporary solution at a very reasonable price of £1 per pack.
These simple in ear plugs are not intended for long term use, but perfect to have as a backup or for temporary use.







The Club is now able to offer a high quality number of clothing items with stitched club logos attached.

Items available are:
(all prices include delivery to club on Saturdays)

Beanie hats (one size fits all) £5
Baseball Caps (one size fits all) £10
Polo Shirts (S,M,L,XL,XXL) £15
Hoodies (S,M,L,XL,XXL) £22
Blouson Jackets (S,M,L,XL,XXL) £33
Full Zip Fleece (S,M,L,XL,XXL) £25

Beanies and caps come in Black only
Polos come in Black, Grey, Navy, Bottle Green
Hoodies come in Black, Charcoal, Navy, Maroon, Olive Green
Jackets come in Black & Navy Blue
Zip Fleeces come in Black, Red, Bottle Green, Navy, Royal Blue

Note: for an extra £1, you can have a name sticthed under the logo!

Points: Items must be paid for at point of order to either Mark Roberts or Jacqui at the club.
Items may take up to 3 weeks to produce (due to single orders).

There are other ways for us to take orders (website, PAYPAL etc), but to get started, we feel completing an order form and paying by cash to start with is the safest.
Order forms are available to download and complete, or you can get one at the club!

ORDER FORM (download) for cash buyers

For those who wish to order online:
ORDER FORM (Online via PAYAPAL only!)

Example items

Blouson Jacket
Polo Shirt
Polo Shirt