Items For Sale

Hey all, I’m selling up all my firearms and associated equipment.  I won’t be renewing my FAC this year, so I need to get rid before August.
I’ll be staying a member of the club still! 

I’m offering it to club members before I take it to the shop and see what price they offer.

Below is a quick list/description of everything and a rough price, I’m open to offers/multiple items etc

Please get in touch for photos or if you require any more information, I’ve purposefully not uploaded any photos as there will be loads. – 07446056568



  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 – £500 (Good condition, includes magpul stock, magpul front grip, rail covers and SAK moderator, still got original box.  Will throw in a Vortex Sparc AR for £600)
  • GSG1911 LBP – £275 (Good condition, fully boxed with gun case and magazine)
  • Stoger M3K Section 1 Shotgun- £395 (Great condition 11+1 shotgun, will include gun slip, 3 chokes, has some carbon buildup on the mag tube)
  • CZ455 Laminated Thumbhole .22LR – £395 (Includes cheap 4-9x scope, will include a better Nikko Sterling for £50 extra if required, threaded barrel, bipod included)


  • Lee Breech Lock Challenger reloading setup – £100 (Powder measure, press, scales, everthing needed to start reloading
  • .223 Lee ultimate dies – £45 (Fantastic condition, used to reload approx 400 rounds)
  • Primer cleaner – £2.50
  • Primer pocket reamer – £10
  • Various Ammo boxes £misc (100, 20, 50 rounds etc)
  • Some Vhit and Hodginsons Powder – £20 Call for details
  • Hornardy Lock n Load OAL gauge – £30
  • Hornady headspace bullet comparitor and .223 insert – £15
  • Case trimmer and .223 gauge – £5
  • 55Gr FMJ heads – 200 for £20
  • Lyman Pro 1200 tumbler £50


  • Falcon M18+ 4-14×44 FFP MRAD – £200 (Fully boxed, great condition, has loads of elevation, easily got me to 600yards)  
  • Vortex Sparc AR Red dot – £120 (Great condition fully boxed, takes AAA battery)
  • Nikko Sterling Mountmaster 4-12×50 Mil Dot – £50


  • GRS Beserk stock for Howa Short Action rifles (Great condition, includes box) – £250?
  • Howa 20MOA Rail – £20?
  • Howa Standard Rail – £10?
  • Howa original Stock and ammo plate/trigger guard – Free if anyone needs one, or will include with the GRS Stock
  • Bipod – £10?
  • Plinker Tactical 15-22 Charging handle – (Has spring missing, £15?)
  • 8 Boxes of shotgun cartridges (no 7 shot) – Will include these with the shotgun
  • 6 gun cabinet and ammo lock box – £75? (will need to wait til i’ve sold all my guns though)
  • SAK Moderator (will throw in with the 15-22 if they want)

This is just a quick list and i’ve been a little vague, so drop me a message if you need more information/photos etc.


RSC Club Web Admin