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Rim fire decision?, .17hmr, .22lr,.22wmr etc  

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Hi guys, I’m quite new to club , so I’d like to say ?, I’ve been looking into rimfire rifles and as not sure on exact calibre I’d like. Found the sako quad which would give me option of four calibre, just wanted to know if going to lose accuracy by changing barrels. Would also be nice if any members have used this rifle? thanks in advance

Andrew mckee

Posted : April 17, 2020 9:52 pm
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Welcome aboard Andrew.
I dont know enough about the Sako Quad or 17hmr to comment though I feel that a barrel change (calibre wise) will have some effect on basic accuracy as each calibre has its own nuances. Ammunition does of course along with the ability of the shooter. But the Sako Quad is an excellent choice, superb rifles all round, well built. Perhaps @rossco or @stevo can help out here with some wisdom, Im certain @rossco had a sako Quad Range in .22!

Thanks for posting.

"it's a Fuster Cluck!"

Posted : April 17, 2020 11:00 pm
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What would be the intended use ? Will the rifle be primarily for target / club .

or will be be used as a pest control/ hunting ? 
or all of the above? 

with regard to the rifle your be hard pressed to pick a bad Sako off the shelf . Although the quad would not be my choice . 

It will however Out shoot  most that get behind one . 

as so far a calibre goes . If club target is your primary use then I would recommend the .22 LR 

another consideration would be that if you intend to use the .17HMR keep in mind that to date AFAIK There is NO target ammunition available there is only a ballistic tip ( frangible  )  or hollow point ( expanding ) there is no solid tip . 
you will have to confirm The use of the intended ammo with club rules . As I know you are permitted to use the above types for zeroing purposes or something along those lines ,  there are more informed members within the club who will put you right on this . 

this may also be the case for the .22 WMR . I do know the CCI did produce a solid tip / target round . But the availability would ... could be A problem. 

the cost of either magnum Rimfire ammunition  should also be a consideration as the last time I bought some £12-£16 per hundred depending on type ect ect .

With regard 17 HMR / 22WMR for a pest control choice . Based on my own findings I would go 22 WMR all day long .

both calibres have there good and bad points . 
the 17 HMR does not play well in windy situations above 75 m  (  A solid wind speed Of 5 mph 1/4 value will have you dialling your windage )  and then the other problem I found was the bullet expansion was unreliable, by that I mean your having to rely 90% of the time keeping your ranges to a point as to retain enough down range velocity to ensure the bullet will fragment or expand depending on the type you use . Else your do nothing more than poke a  Small hole through And wounded quarry . 

the  22WMR on the other hand , while  a bit slower the bullet carry’s Considerably more ft lbs energy at the Muzzle and at 100 m it also creates a larger wound cannel . You will also have a much larger choice with your ammo .  From a 30 grain ballistic tip, right upto a 40 grain hollow point , even a 50 grain hollow point ( Gold dot by CCI ) 
The WMR also responds better to sound moderation and will give you a much quieter report over distance than the HMR ( obviously depending on topography and elemental conditions ) 

I bought my first 22WMR in 1995 and loved it , just a real easy calibre to live with day to day. It’s what I call a walking rifle , by that I mean it’s light enough to carry while out on the farm all day and it’s big enough to take anything from rabbit out to 175m and knock a fox flat with a square shot in the Bib out too 100m .


In 2004-5 I bought a 17HMR ( they had literally just come out in U.K. ) it was a nice CZ452 varmint . I owned it for 2 weeks , sold it and went back to the 22WMR , never looked back .  

all of the above is nothing more than my subjective views , the best advice would be to try before you buy . There are some great people at the club and between them will have all of the calibres you mention , and I’m sure they would be only pleased for you to have a go , just to give you a better insight as to what really takes your fancy . Also I’m sure your already aware that if you went with the Quad you will require permission to acquire each calibre/ barrel . 




Posted : May 17, 2020 11:52 pm
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@stevo many thanks for advise, certainly gives me quite a bit to think about. Think for now will get a lot more experience and hopefully range time in the not to far future.



hope all members are well, stay safe

Andrew mckee

Posted : May 19, 2020 3:37 pm
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@andrewmckee Welcome! The 17HMR ammunition is pretty expensive compared to 22LR for plinking. Not a problem to use on the range though, I had one and asked the question.  With the 22LR there are plenty of options on the ammunition with weights and velocities.  

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Posted : May 25, 2020 2:13 pm
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Worth remembering that .17hmr only on 75 for zeroing not on 25 at all.

I use .22LR and .22WMR and like both for various reasons.

.22LR great suppressed for rabbits with subs at reasonable distance

.22 WMR for longer distance, as mentioned further up. better knock down power at longer range.

Never tried .17HMR as didn't see the need when having to other 2


Posted : June 1, 2020 12:51 pm