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[Closed] Forum Stats and Functions  

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Welcome to all.
The forum community has a number of things that become active as you post.

1. Before you can upload images, you need to have first posted at least 3x posts, or replied to at least 3x posts.
2. The community puts you into groups based on the number of posts:
    0-5 posts (New member)
    5-20 posts (Active member)
    21-50 posts (Trusted member)
and so on.
3. Based on posts you will also receive a star rating, 1 through five green stars (bit like working in Maccy Ds  😆 )
4. Then, after you have 5 stars (250 posts minimum), you move into certificates and then trophies.

You can check your rating in the members section by clicking on your username.
This feature also shows your stats at the foot of the page.


Every registered user can set their own profile. To access this you need to log in then go to Profile/Account. 
Here you can change your bio and set a profile signature and also upload an avatar for yourself.
Avatars can be any picture, the system will reduce the image appropriately.
Signatures sit under your posts and typically can be used for you to put in a bit of text about yourself like "Hobbies: Underwater Knitting" or used to list your weaponry like "Ruger 10/22 & .177 Water Pistol".
Be creative  😛

Posted : March 22, 2020 12:02 pm
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