Beckingham Range Report

Beckingham Long Range shoot 18 Aug 18

Light: Good, sunny
Temp: 22 deg C
Wind: Moderate 10 -12mph left to right

Club members shot out at Beckingham today (Sat 18th August) at ranges from 100 -400m.
The club arranged a shoot with the Springfield Rifle & Pistol club (Ancaster) who had booked the 400m military range at Beckingham.

5 members of our club turned up as well as another 7 members from the Ancaster club, which gave us two lanes to use at all distances. The day started a little overcast (but it was early!), the shooting started at 9am with Ross Clapham, Ben Fisher and Stan Parker taking the opportunity to get onto the firing points first, Trev Eeles and Simon Devlin opting to man the butts and targetry!

Ross, Ben and Stan started out on the 100m point to check zero then moved back to 300m, things got interesting from here! Now, a lot of people think its easy just getting to 300m, pulling out their rifle, scope and ammo, and then pulling the trigger and thinking its a bull, first shot……….if only it was that easy!! Its fair to say, the shooting was good overall with a few V Bulls appearing as the morning went on.

Some people found it reasonably difficult, even at 100m! (I know, who misses a 4ft screen at 100m?). Anyway, having said that, everyone on detail one had an enjoyable morning.

At Changeover, Trev and Simon decided to go straight to 300m missing out the 100m zero (why not, should be zeroed up on arrival right?).
Zeroed up they were, getting into some V Bulls almost immediately, wind playing its part, but under control! Then the move back to 400m, weather still excellent with the wind still around 12mph blowing left to right! No problem for Trev, hitting 19/20 V Bulls with the 6.5CM, Simon doing well with his AR15 (.223) and a 4x power ACOG battle sight, an enjoyable morning on the Range.

Sadly Stan was taken ill mid morning and went home, but Ross and Ben got their turn at 400m, and they made sure Simon and Trev were put through their paces in the butts with both their .223 and .308 rifles hammering the targets till firing ceased at 1pm.

Few pictures below of the range, butts etc. If anyone is interested in shooting at these distances, let Jacqui or Paul know via the committee, we believe there is another shoot being arranged for early September. You wont be disappointed, and if you’ve never shot pst 100m, there will be lots of experienced shooters with you to assist!



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